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A MASTERS APPRENTICE - living in the Sixties “A Time of Music and Sexual Revolution” A NEW RELEASE BOOK by Peter Tilbrook from The Masters Apprentices. BUY ONLINE using Visa or PayPal. The book is usually mailed out in Australia within 48 hours. I can provide a Personalized Autograph for ALL ONLINE ORDERS.  An ideal BIRTHDAY or CHRISTMAS GIFT for any Baby Boomers or 60’s Music Enthusiasts. If you loved the SIXTIES you are going to love this book. The response to this book has been extraordinary and it is already in its 5th Print. 

The book has over 100 images from my private collection and the book is filled with the sick, sad, sordid sex crazed, drug influenced stories of A Masters Apprentice and how it all started for me. There are stories about THE MASTERS APPRENTICES that will shock you will understand why we had major magazine headlines like SEX IS THRUST ON US - WE HAVE SEEN TOO MANY BODIES somehow we survived it all.

 Read about our secrets, the way we lived and treated each other, learn about things that even Jim decided not to include in his book. This is almost a scrapbook account of what it was like to be ripped to shreds, on a regular basis, play for 100,000 people, and get ripped off by the industry. Learn how The Masters survived a deadly attack by a Sharpie gang and more importantly WHY? Discover the real reasons why Jim and I were raided by 15 Police officers and were ordered out of Queensland, WHY? Discover why Jim almost didn’t get to England after we won a trip to London in the extremely controversial 1968 Hoadleys Battle of The Sounds because of three major issues, WHY? Learn what the Zoot; fans did to the Masters Apprentices in the SA Heat of Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds now that was just plain crazy and very dangerous. Read about what we got up to on tour and how we drove members of THE WHO around to some of Melbourne’s top Night Clubs on their night off and our disgraceful antics at THE WHO / SMALL FACES / PAUL JONES Concert at Festival Hall in Melbourne in 1968. Learn about what happened when I shared a queen sized bed with Jim on tour in 1967....And why did the SA Police greet us on our arrival on the Overland Train from Melbourne, and finally what were some of my last words to Jim. It was all regrettable, unfortunate and very bad timing.

 This is 400 PAGES of riveting reading no wonder no one has written about these things before now. Was that really me?

 This is an ideal reference book for anyone ON RADIO as I have included so much detailed information on Adelaide bands, songs The Masters played covers and originals and I have listed hundreds of venues that I played at with The Masters all over Australia, in the Appendices Section at the back of the book. This book will take you back to a very unique and exciting time in Australia’s musical history.


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