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This is 352 pages of HILARIOUS DAVVO HUMOUR The book is also, a look back on the crazy (23) years I worked with him and the (17) amazing years of THE PARTY CATS who played a staggering 5,580 gigs, 204 venues and 84 country towns. Davvo had a rare gift of making people feel so very special, he made us laugh, and know that he was going to make our day a whole lot better.

BONUS: Included in the back of the book, is HOT DOG the ROCK’N’ROLL MUSICAL based around the day Rock'n'Roll came to Adelaide with Rock Around The Clock at Wests Cinema in 1956. There was mayhem in the theatre, dancing in the streets, Police were called, and it made the front page of The Advertiser. DAVVO, it’s the perfect GIFT.


Usually I can mail out within a day or two. Alternatively, order & PAY BY MAIL just send a cheque or Postal Money Order to Peter Tilbrook c/o PO BOX 380 DAW PARK SA 5041. Make sure you include your Name and Address [neatly, so I can read it]. Happy to autograph if requested.

DAVVO It's not Bullshit Honestly BOOK by Peter Tilbrook

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