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The new CD has (10) amazing original songs including the beautiful tribute to JIM KEAYS called GOODBYE MY FRIEND, LIVING IN THE SIXTIES, MEMORY LANE a beautiful song reflecting on The Sixties and some wonderful memories we shared, THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE another brilliant song singing of the great times we had growing up in the Sixties.

A real rocker called SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC could be used by the hospitality industry to help improve venue attendances. MY GIRL is a powerful song written by Peter whilst he was in THE MASTERS APPRENTICES around 1967 or 1968 but it was never recorded. MY GIRL has turned out a brilliant song reminiscent of hit songs on the airwaves in the Sixties.

Tracks on the LIVING IN THE SIXTIES CD include:

1.  Living in the Sixties   [A new Anthem for the Baby boomers.]

2.  Little Dancing Queen

3.  My Girl

4.  Can't get enough of your Love

5.  Memory Lane

6.  You can do the boogie now

7.  The Best time of my Life

8.  Support Live Music 

9.  Everybody Rock'n'Roll

10.  Goodbye My Friend     [my tribute to JIM KEAYS}


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